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PTFE Sewing Thread

Solid Waste Incineration Industry

Operating characteristics of refuse incineration

  • The composition of garbage is complex, causing great harm and requiring high governance.
  • The flue gas temperature and the amount of flflue gas are unstable, and the flue gas temperature is between 140-260℃.
  • High smoke temperature, up to 60%, easy to paste bags.
  • The flue gas has a high dust concentration, up to 50g/m3, with light and fine dust.
  • The content of corrosive substances in the flue gas is high, leading to the rise of acid dew point.

PTFE Sewing Thread Description



Detecting instrument Method
Density 1820D DZ010


GB/T 14343-2008
chemical fiber filament linear density
Breaking Strength 60N JQ001

Fabric strength Tester

GB/T 14344-2008
chemical fiber filament linear breaking elongation
Breaking Tenacity 3.2cN/D
 Breaking Elongation 5.2%
Shrinkage 2.8%,3%,3%(260℃/30min) 101-1A

Blast drying oven

GB/T 6505-2008
chemical fiber filament linear shrinkage

Heat resistance

260℃ 101-1A

Blast drying oven

GB/T 6505-2008
chemical fiber filament linear shrinkage


400T/m GB/T 14345-2008

chemical fiber filament linear twist

Color          white NO look

Cement Industry/Lime Kiln

Working condition characteristics of cement kiln end (similar working condition of lime kiln) 

  • CaCo3 dust is originated in the raw cement, which is not completely decomposed in the decomposition furnace. And CaO dust generated during the decomposition of CaCo3.
  • The SO, NO, CO, CO2 and other gases produced during the combustion of pulverized coal.
  • The temperature of the kiln tail exhaust gas coming out of the cyclone is above 320C, the gas is dry.
  • The concentration of the smoke dust is 40-130mg/Nm3,the dust particle size is less than 1μm and accounting for more than 90%.
  • The content of CO and CO2 sometimes fluctuate according to the sufficiency combustion of pulverized coal.

Chemical Industry (Carbon Black, Tianium Dioxide)

Working condition characteristic of Chemical industry

    • The initial concentration is high. Carbon black is a nano-level substance with small particle size, small specific gravity and strong adhesion.
    • The working temperature of the main fifilter is 270-280℃,and the working temperature of waste fifilter is around 250℃.
    • The working temperature of the oil preheater is above 350℃.When the temperature reach 4 00℃, it needs to sprayed water to cool down the temperature. There are large amount of CO,SO2,SO3, which will produce sulfurous acid.
    • It contains gas, which is flflammable and explosive, and has high water vapor. Spraying 1 ton of water will produce 1600M3 water vapor.
    • Inlet pressure is 200Pa, outlet pressure is 3500-4000Pa, and back air pressure is 5000pa.

Electric Power Industry

Operating characteristics of coal-fired power plants

  • Dust concentration at the inlet of the dust collector is relatively high.
  • The contents of SO2,NOX,02,03 and other components in the flue gas which have a strong destructive efect on the filter material are relatively high.
  • The amount of smoke fluctuates greatly due to the variation of coal type and power generation load.
  • The filtering wind speed is generally around 1.0, and most ash cleaning methods are pulse ash cleaning or rotary back-blowing.
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