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Fiberglass Filter Bag

Fiberglass filter bags are sewing by fiberglass filter cloth with different size.

How to choose right filter material?

1.Nature of exhaust gas

In a variety of kiln tail gas and chemical waste gas, often contain acid and alkali, chlorination agents, organic solvents and other chemical components, and it often cross influenced by temperature, humidity and other factors. For this purpose, the selection of filter material should be considered thoroughly.

2.Temperature Requirement (normal operation/instant peak)

The temperature of dust-laden gas is an important factor in the selection of filter materials. Generally, dust-containing gas less than 100℃ is called normal temperature gas, and dust-containing gas greater than 100℃ is called high-temperature gas. Therefore, the filter material can be divided into two categories: filter material and high-temperature filter material. Therefore, the appropriate filter material should be selected according to the flflue gas temperature. Some people call 0-170℃ medium temperature gas, but the filter material is mostly high temperature type.

3.Operating condition requirements

Industrial applications (e.g., boilers, drying, etc.) continuous or intermittent operation performance requirements for operating systems (e.g., operating differential pressure resistance, discharge, service life)

4.Dust cleaning method

Different ways of cleaning ash need choose different grams of weight and air permeability of the filter.

5.Nature of the dust

  • Moisture and adhesion of dust
  • Combustibility and charge of dust
  • Dust flow and friction
  • Dust composition and concentration


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