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01NF 750G PTFE Membrane Woven Fiberglass Fabric Cloth

B01-NF is a fiberglass texturized filter cloth ,woven fiberglass fabric cloth independently developed by JIANGSU DR. GREEN TEXTILE CO., LTD, Compared with other products, it has high durability, high applicability, high cost performance Acid- Resistance and other characteristics

woven fiberglass fabric cloth

01NF 750G PTFE Membrane Woven Fiberglass Fabric Cloth

  Products Specification

Item No. B-01NF Silicon oxygen
Type Acid-Resistant
Compoent Non-Alkaline Fiberglass
Weave Pattern Double Twill
Processing Mode Acid-Resistant Finished
weight 750±25 g/m2 22.12±0.74 oz/yd2
Air Permeability 2~5cm3/cm2/s 4~10 cfm/sq ft
Warp Tensile Strength 2400 N/25mm 540 lbf/inch
Weft Tensile Strength 2000N/25mm 450 lbf/inch
Loss on lgnition >10% >10%
Continuously Running Temperature ≤260℃ ≤500℉
Corrosion Resistance excellent


Cement plant, steel plant (blast furnace gas, coking,converter, lime kiln), biomass power

generation, etc.



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