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01NF Coated Membrane Filter Fiberglass Bags

Our PTFE membrane silica oxygen (modifified) fifilter bag select high quality silica fifiber as raw material, our fifilter cloth is excellent. After pretreatment process and heat – set processing, fifilter cloth forms excellent physical & chemical indicators. Filter bag surface need to be treated with PTFE impregnation and membrane.

The acid resistance of silicon oxygen is organically combined with the advantages of PTFE, such as temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good flflexibility and easy ash cleaning. Service life of fifilter bag has been greatly promoted. Our Silica oxygen (modifified) is a very high ratio of fifiltering material.

Products Specification

(1) High fifiltration accuracy

The micropores on the surface of the membrane coated Silica oxygen (modifified) fifilter bag are small and uniform( 0.10-2.0 m), which can separate all the dust larger than the micropore diameter.

(2) Light and soft, easy to clear ash

The fifilter material has a thickness of 0.8mm. Easy to peel offff the dust. Low ash cleaning pressure, less ash cleaning times, save operating costs.

(3) High strength and low elongation, stable size

The warp and weft strength of the medium silicon oxygen (modifified) coated fifilter bag is above 2300N/25mm. It will not shrink at high temperature.

(4) Outstanding temperature resistance

Medium silicon oxygen (modifified) coated fifilter bag can operate continuously from the acid dew point to 260℃, and the instant temperature resistance is up to 280℃.

(5) Oxidation and corrosion resistance

Silicon oxygen (modifified) membrane coated fifilter bag will not be oxidized by oxygen or nitrides, The corrosion resistance of silicon oxygen (modifified) coated fifilter bag is outstanding.

(6) Excellent folding resistance

Silicon oxygen (modifified) membrane coated fifilter bag base material is woven with ultrafifine silicon oxygen fifiber. Ensuring the service life of the fifilter material.

(7) Water-repellent and oil-proof, suitable for working conditions with high moisture content

The water-repellent and oil-repellent process has been carried out on the base material. After application test, the water-repellent grade is no less than 4.5 .


Cement plant, steel plant (blast furnace gas, coking, converter, lime kiln), biomass power generation, etc.

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