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Jiangsu DR.Green Textile Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu DR.Green Textile Co., Ltd.,Located in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, our company is a professional

manufacturer of alkali-free glass fiber filter cloth. The company has a registered capital of 50 million yuan, 

covers an area of 50,000 square meters and total assets of 170 million yuan.  DR.Green is a scientific and te-

chnological innovation enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The company's equipment 

is first-class in the world and leading in China...

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National free consultation hotline:

Mr. FAN   19941269777

Miss. QIN 19852689399

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Address: No.3 Guangdong Road, Siyang County Economic Development Zone, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province

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